Air Quotation

NHDCL would like to invite sealed quotations from registered ticketing agents for the itinerary below:


Bangkok Busan (South Korea) Bangkok

Passengers (Economy Class)

  1. Lal Bahadur Tamang
  2. Kinley Tenzin

Submit your sealed quotes to the HRD section latest by October 4, 2018 (10:00 am) and it will be open on same day.
Terms and conditions:-
1. Submit your quotes for the shortest route.

  1. Do not quote for budget airlines.
  2. A copy of trade license and Itinerary along with the quote is mandatory.
  3. The availability of seats at the time of travel should be confirmed before submitting the quotation.
  4. The tickets should be refundable as per the terms and conditions of the Airline.\
  5. If the lowest bidder fails to issue the tickets as per the quoted rate, the purchase shall be made from the next lowest bidder and the airfare difference should be borne by the defaulter. If the defaulters do not agree to this condition, NHDCL reserves the right not to entertain the agent to participate in the future tenders.
  6. Payment shall be made only after the trip travel has been successfully performed by the concerned official (s).